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Tommy Gunn Rock Band Bio

Thomas was born in Taunton, Massachusetts. After seeing his first big arena concert “Kiss” with other local acts, Tom was awe struck and inspired. It wasn’t long after his experience that Tom expressed a desire to purchase his first guitar. He began taking classical guitar and Jazz lessons at the age of 11 and was able to learn music theory and the art of reading and writing music. Tom has influences ranging from Jimi Hendrix to Van Halen, Joe Walsch and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Tom specializes in the talk box, multiverb, slide guitar, wah-wah, harmonica and lead and back up vocal and harmonies.

John Mayeux Tampa Rock Tommy Gunn Band

John Mayeux began his long, illustrious musical career playing in rodeo bands around Southwest Oklahoma with his brother Fast Eddie. After his stint as a rodeo clown, he played with many bands including Back to Normal and Fat Chance. He made his way down to Florida and opened with famous acts including Kansas, The Four Tops, George Benson and others. Along the way John managed to acquire a musical degree and it is obvious in his style and performance.

David Vieira Rock Band

Dave has been a resident rocker in The Tampa Bay area since moving to Clearwater in 1979. Dave began playing drums at 13 after attending a “Kiss” concert with Tommy. He played throughout his youth in the marching band and in the school orchestra. He’s played with many bands including Spellbound, Deja Vu and Caruso Machine among others. With his brother Tommy, Dave is a force to be reckoned with.


John has been playing for over three decades, and skillfully utilizes multiple styles and techniques. Influences are; John Etwhistle, John Paul Jones, Stu Ham. John is originally from Ohio, and has been in the Florida area a good amount of time. Crafty with his hands.


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